Friday, August 22, 2008

Why I'm practically Batman

Psych. I'm not Batman. (Don't you kind of wish people would start saying "psych" again? Ang has already brought back "duh," so this seems like a natural progression.)

Seriously though, I saw The Dark Knight last weekend, which was the first movie I'd seen at the theaters in, oh, three and a half years. I wish I were exaggerating. I don't get out.

Anyway, since the movie was filmed in Chicago, it was cool to recognize all of the areas. And, I learned this interesting tidbit:

My wedding is taking place in Bruce Wayne's bedroom.

See? Practically Batman.

Have you seen The Dark Knight? Batman's bedroom looks pretty kick-ass. Granted, they decided to make the space one man's bedroom and we're cramming 100 people in there, but whatevs. The space will look more girly and less bachelory pad-y once my florist gets done with it, so it will be practically unrecognizable from the movie, save the views.

Get excited! (I finally am.)


TKTC said...

OH YAY!!! I'm excited too!!

cass. said...

wow, that's really, really cool.

imagine this conversation taking place:

person x: where are you getting married?

you: batman's bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit: My office building is Angelina Jolie's office in the film "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." I know what you're thinking, and no...I did not get to sleep with (or meet) Brad Pitt.

P.S. I highly support usage of the word 'psych.'

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

i never stopped saying that so... oops?

Andy said...

That is pretty bad ass. How could you top that?

Anonymous said...

oh that is awesome....and should make for some excellent views, huh?

and thanks for the cbale eye candy in your post....

Alexa said...

shut up?!?!? how friggin cool is that?!?

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