Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boooo weekend. Kinda.

You know what I think sucks about NaBloPoMo? Posting on the weekends.

People don't read on the weekends very much. You all have better stuff to do, I know. And since we all have a healthy dose of vanity in us, we (uh, I) don't love the idea of spending time on a post only to have it get lost in the weekend shuffle and the Monday mark-all-as-read madness.

I mean, I followed up my deep Prop 8 post on Friday with Saturday's mindless pretty colors post. Uh, yeah. But I guess that's the point of a blog -- you can do whatever the fuck you want, even if the juxtaposition is awkward.

Instead of wasting any more brilliant writing on a weekend, I'm gonna bring it back to Prop 8 for a sec and say THANK YOU to all of you who replied. There were awesome comments on there, very thoughtful.

A friend of mine even passed along that post to his family (well, minus all the expletives) to give them a different/straight perspective on the Prop 8 nonsense. Vanity aside, I think this marks the very first time anything I've ever written has done anything other than make people laugh, roll their eyes or cringe.

By the way, I updated the Prop 8 post with a poignant picture and a link back to Let Freedom Ring. So if you haven't seen a picture of my middle finger yet, you can go back to my post and mark this moment off your bucket list... On second thought, maybe weekends aren't such a waste after all.


Anonymous said...

I loved your photo addition. I would add my own were I, you know, married. Good work.

Marie said...

Loved the picture! I'm not married, but I'm guessing it would be ok to do the same with a couple of my rings.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo! Like hautepocket and marie---if I were married I would do the same. And that ring of yours is beautiful!!!

Andy said...

Posting on the weekend is for the birds. Which makes me a whooping crane, as I still post on weekends for guilty pleasure

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