Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peace out, Cleveland

Aaaand Thanksgiving is over. Family time is over. Sleeping in is over. Stuffing our faces with food is over. Drinking heavily is over. Playing with puppies is over.


NaBloPoMo is over.

I'm a little surprised I managed to post every day this month, but I definitely want to say a sincere soooowwwrrrryyy for throwing crap up there just to fill a post. I know that the real challenge of NaBloPoMo is to post thought-provoking, evocative material, but I don't really do that anyway, do I? God, I love that you're easily entertained.

So, in keeping with my tradition of posting fluff, here are a few fun pictures from our trip.

The babies!

Oh, and, uh, real babies.

Dave's dad teaching me how to take a picture so it's not blurry.

Not blurry!

Blurry. Dammit. I suck.

This is why I could never host my own Thanksgiving. I am devoid of cute creations.

The culprit who peed on me. And them promptly drew on his own face.

Early birthday celebration.

I think Dave is going to get more into photography.

That's a huuuuugggee beer.

Bundled much?

Kids watching the parade.

Truth be told, the parade was really lame.

The fireworks were less lame.

Here's what I look like in my sister-in-law's glasses.

And this is what I look like in Angie's glasses.

So I guess your big takeaway from this is that kids are cute, dogs are cuter and I should get some cute, new glasses.

Profound enough for a Sunday?


Andy said...

Is that a Pomeranian? My ex-fiance has one of those, and it's adorable. It walks sideways when it wants something.
Also- girls in glasses are always cute. Always. So you, being in glasses=cute.

surviving myself said...

Your apology for the Twilight related post is accepted.

RebeccaC said...

Your Cleveland adventures look way cooler than mine, which consisted of: Make dinner. Babysit small children. Watch television for hours. Nap. Go to nearest bar to escape lunatic in-laws and drink heavily. Repeat.

Chloetheingenue said...

Hey, just discovered your blog. I love it !

Beautiful Thanksgiving pictures btw =)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures!

I'm glad NaBloPoMo is over as well. Like you, I didn't enjoy putting up fluff posts for the sake of posting every day. I think the lesson I really learned as a result was quality over quantity.

Also, your dog is SO CUTE!

elle michelle said...

Andy: Definitely a pomeranian. I used to not like her too much but she's SO sweet now! And I am definitely getting glasses now -- the cuteness validation is all I really need.

Surviving Myself: Wrong. I make no apologies for that retarded movie. I'm simply referencing the stupid "sooowwwwrrrryyyy" line that the movie has in it. You need to watch it. Ooooh, we'll watch together. Come over with wine.

Rebecca: That's because you COOKED. You know I do no such thing. :-)

Chloe: Thanks so much! Welcome.

Miss Musing: Thanks! Yes, quality if definitely better than quantity. And unfortunately, I don't have a dog myself. That's my in-law's dog. My parents have a Vizsla and a Pit Bull and they are AWESOME. :-) I'll post pictures around Xmas.

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