Thursday, November 13, 2008

Talk about bad timing

A few weekends ago, Dave and I spent all of Saturday in Wicker Park. We ate at Mana, which I am now obsessed with, and shopped all along Milwaukee. Barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shopping in that area, but I certainly had my fill. At least my credit card did.

And I realized something...

I think I could live over there.

I know, I just moved! God dammit. But there's SUCH a different vibe in Wicker Park than there is here in Stick-Up-The-Ass River North.

Most people are RUDE here. Seriously. Our new apartment building is full of snotty, snotty bitches. And they are young. Way too young to have enough money to pay for their own apartment, that is. I don't care for the undeserved sense of entitlement.

For example, one evening, Dave and I were walking into Whole Foods just as one woman was approaching the door from the other side. We held the door for her, but she didn't even look at us, much less mutter "thank you." So I turned to her and said, "You're WELCOME." Dave quickly ushered me past her, but come on! Where's the courtesy?

Same thing happened one Saturday morning, as Dave and I were walking out of the building. We walked up to a door at the same time as two 20-year-olds approached from the other side. They were each wearing sweatshirts and Ugg boots. Dave opened the door and we moved to the side let them through first. Not one single thank-you. They barely looked at us. This time, Dave goes, "You're WELCOME." I went with the less appropriate, "Whores." (My own snottiness is escalating.)

And I realized that this uptight attitude extends past our building doors as well. On Halloween, Dave and I were walking to the train in our neighborhood and we noticed that NO ONE was dressed up. Not one person. I realize that not everyone likes Halloween, but I figured that in an area so crowded, we'd run into at least one other costume. Instead, we got stared at by uppity socialites who are Way Too Good for such a lowly holiday.

So, I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe just one more move is in our future. Wicker Park has more personality on a bum-ridden street corner than River North does in its entire area. Rent's unbelievably cheaper, people (women) are sooooo much nicer and there's virtually no pretension. Favorite moment of shopping that weekend: when I was trying to call Dave's name to come back by the dressing room, a girl in the area saw that he wasn't hearing me and she goes, "DAVE!" I wanted to hug her. In River North, I would have gotten an obnoxious look and an eye roll.

The only thing stopping me it's not as convenient of a location as where we are now. Specifically, I like being by the Red Line so we can go up to Ang's or Mel's without a hassle. So, Wicker Parkians, convince me that your neighborhood is convenient (or more than worth the inconvenience). I just might be your neighbor come next year...


LJ said...

Good Post, I totally agree. I always be living up in the Old Town area and love living up here, but lately every time I venture over to Wicker Park, I wonder why I don't live there. I find myself hanging out there a lot, I mean cool shops and restuarants....Like its own little city.

It is true the that the location isn't the easiest for getting to other spots in the city. I mean River North you can pretty much walk everywhere.....except Wicker park/ bucktown would be a bit far.

Alexa said...

i've only been to river north that one weekend (you know when you paid for my cab and it was awesome. i still owe you btw) and i'll agree with you in the snottiness.

maybe it's too contemporary and clean for me. gimmie some grit and grime. hence, why i live in cleveland : )

chevelin said...

My question: Weren't you expecting this?

And PS I live in Lincoln Park, but thankfully in a nice-people part. The rest of the neighborhood is snotty garbage.

Marie said...

I'm guessing you have just a bit more time to make up your mind where you want to live, but definitely go and live where you feel more comfortable. And cheaper rent is always a plus!

Maxie said...

wicker park? like the movie?

Candice said...

I have the same thoughts about Wicker Park, more or less. Less yuppies, less convenient. It would take me forever to get to any of the places I regularly go.

...but them. maybe I just need to find some new places to go.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

Ugh I hate moving but I know how you guys feel. While it's nice to live in an upscale neighborhood, sometimes you're just meant to be in a neighborhood with more character and people more like yourself!

Andy said...

I like your comeback more than Dave's. Whores. Nice. To the point.

elle michelle said...

LJ: SUCH cool shops and restaurants. Really makes me hate coming back to River North!

Alexa: You gave me chocolate, so I was happy paying $5 for part of the cab. And yeah, even visitors can sense the snottiness in this part of the city. Blah.

Chevelin: I just laughed my ass off at "snotty garbage," by the way, and yes, I should have expected this.

Marie: Oh, we won't settle down for a while. I just want a great neighborhood for a few years!

Maxie: I haven't see it, but, no, Wicker Park is an AWESOME neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. Kinda artsy, but unpretentious. So, so many great restaurants.

Candice: The real question is whether or not the inconvenience is worth the purse awesomeness of the neighborhood... hmm...

Ringleader: I know, and this neighborhood just THINKS it's upscale. I mean, it's nice but it's not the Gold Coast!

Andy: THANK you. I thought mine was better. ;-)

TKTC said...

I won't say it. Mostly because if I did say it, I would likely get a backhand to the freckles but some because I'm psyched for the day when you do actually move here. And by "here" I mean Wicker Park and not my office where I obviously still am. It rocks, heed the Siren call!

elle michelle said...

TKTC: At least you have enough courtesy not to do the I-told-you-so dance, like Dave's been doing. That jerk.

erin said...

it's worth it.

i moved away at the beginning of the summer and WANT TO MOVE BACK NOW.

i'm in lakeview and it's fine but my rent is expensive and there are too many strollers around here.

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