Monday, November 3, 2008


I brought my camera along this Halloween and -- get this -- actually remembered to USE IT.

This is good for you because it means you get to see the purse genius (not mine) that surfaced this holiday when people put on their awesome costumes.

Anyway, Dave and I put on our costumes and headed over to Ang's before going to a party. I dressed as either a drunk 60s housewife, a Stepford wife or Karen from Will & Grace, depending on who you asked. My costume consisted of a black dress, apron, pearls, a martini glass and a cigarette. I guess I didn't take any pictures of myself, but Ang might have a few..?

UPDATE: Here's one..

Dave, on the other hand, was a New Haircut. It was HILARIOUS because he was so dead-on, but the funniest part was that most people at the party thought he was for real. They would ask, "Who brought that douche?" And I'd be like, "Yeah, seriously."

So Dave was very much in character. All my character required was a bored look and slurred speech, so I guess I was in character too.

Nothing is in my head. It's just the "blood" on the cabinet.

On to more pics:


Blossom is too young for liquor and Cindy McCain only approves of prescription pills.

Stef is from The Birds!

Heroes in a half shell.

Yum, beer in a martini glass. That's what we call klassy.

Looks like Cindy loosened up a bit. God bless America and blueberry vodka.

Oh, how teen pregnancy is hilarious.

Is it time for more jagerbombs already?

Sweeney Todd

Ang was a Trev magnet (since she attracts so many redheads...). And she stole a gun from Indiana Jones.

Our sweet little blogger got a little trigger happy.

Watch out, Indy. This chick means business.

Guy on the right is The Shocker.

What's wrong, Cindy? Out of vodka already?

Fav pic EVER: A Trev asking Angie what her costume is. Oh, irony, I love you.

Saw this when we went to the bathroom. Totally not real. Totally freaky.

Hey, broski, where's your Heineken?



Joe Sixpack on the train.

It's like she JUST realized there were birds there.

Other memorable costumes I saw but didn't get a picture of:
  • Jem
  • Cruella Deville
  • Ace & Gary, the Ambiguously Gay Duo
  • Garth from Wayne's World
  • Girls dressed really slutty

Me, Ang, Dave and Stef called it an early night and headed out to get food around midnight. Dave and I were home by 2 and he was passed out by 2:01. Even after 3 jagerbombs and many Heinekens, he was completely fine in the morning. That always happens. I hate him for it.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween too!!


Alexa said...

ok this pics are fabulous, but not like i expected any less of that crew!

TKTC said...

You guys looked great and I'm kind've wishing there was some Vimeo coverage of our dear New Haircut!! Also, I'm sorry to have missed you guys in my hood- I had a very very rare foray into Lincoln Park but it excites me that you have further fallen for our neighborhood!

surviving myself said...

Dave's costume is awesome. And look, I love me some Ninja Turtles, but those guys took it a little too far.

Anonymous said...

I love your skirt. Can you tell me where it is from so that I can totally, like, copy you?

Lacey Bean said...

Love them all!! I've never seen the New Haircut video, def gonna watch it when I get home!

Brick Cedar said...

PLEASE tell me dave walked around screaming, "I'M DA FUCKING MAN!" at rando's...pleeeease.

ANG* said...

okay i love how EVERY pic you have of me i'm pointing indy's gun at someone. awesome.

also, why didnt we get vid of dave in character? seriously. he did not let up. like not once.

can you please post your pics to flickr so i can steal them? plzthks :)

Rebekah said...

That one of you and Dave with your drinks? As if your wedding pictures weren't proof enough.... you guys are such hams!

Loves the pics :o)

The Alleged Ringleader said...

You and Dave are too freaking cute for words!
I am loving how creative your friends costumes were!
Sad that I missed Halloween but I was in PARIS!

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