Saturday, November 29, 2008


So far, in Cleveland...

I've seen 3 deer in Dave's backyard.

I've seen a hawk chilling on Dave's deck.

I've gorged myself on food (and gotten heartburn).

I've gotten peed on by a 2-year-old.

I've watched a few movies, including Tropic Thunder and Trans-Siberian.

I've gotten drunk at an underage bar where there were so, so many drunken whores.

I've celebrated my birthday, a month early.

I've learned far too much about my brother-in-law's marital problems.

I've taken TONS of pictures... but left my camera at Dave's sister's house so I can't upload any.

And now, tonight, we're going downtown to see the lights. Afterwards, we're meeting up with Angie and Alexa for some partying, Cleveland-style!


Andy said...

What did you think of the movies, especially Tropic Thunder.... that's hilarious and sad about getting peed on.

elle michelle said...

Andy: I thought Tropic Thunder was okay, but kind of stupid. I definitely had higher expectations. Oh, and getting peed on -- at least that was less hilarious than the movie.

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