Thursday, November 6, 2008


Got all of our wedding photos back last week. While the ones from the slideshow were some of my absolute favorites, this is one of the others worth calling out.

By far my favorite picture, ever. So goddamn cute.

You can't even see that his shirt is the one with the hamburger that says, "I want to be inside you."


Marie said...

I have to say it: Awwwww!!

By the way, where did he get the shirt from?

TKTC said...

Oh my God MUSHFEST. I LOVE IT! Very nice, Dave and thanks for keeping it classy for apparel.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

REALLY cute picture but eeew I hate that shirt! It's such a jeebie hamburger too!!

Andy said...

I'll even admit that's a cute photo. But in a straight way.

Maxie said...

what a great picture :-)

elle michelle said...

Thanks for indulging me, everyone. (As usual.) :-)

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