Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History making!

Here they are! The much anticipated, slightly blurry, sometimes random pictures from Obamapalooza!

"Dinner" and a few drinks at 4pm.

Walking from River North to Grant Park.

Gorgeous night!

High-fiving people on the street.

We're here!

Got our tickets and headed in...

Made it through checkpoint number 1.

...And promptly got in line. Yes, this was the "line" we formed to shuffle through checkpoints.

So patriotic.

The view from the potties. It was about 6:30 or 7pm -- not even half the crowd that gathered.

Thank God for the jumbo screen.

NOT thank God for the tallest ginge in the world standing in front of me.

Crowd shot.

Obama keeps winning states and we're excited!

More wins!

A picture I stole from Angie who stole it from Kevin who stole it from Josh. (Right?)




Yeah, we were relatively "close" to the stage, but I couldn't see shit since I'm, like, 4 and a half feet tall. Dave took this pic.

More pictures from Dave.

This is how I watched his speech. :-)

Totally love Michelle Obama. Love, love, love.

America. Fuck yeah.

Group shot.

Getting out of the crowd and walking from Grant Park back to my place took a little over an HOUR.


These pictures obviously don't do it justice. The energy downtown was completely indescribable. When it was all said and done, we had been standing around for nearly six hours so my body definitely ached -- my feet were sore, my ankles felt like they were breaking, my back was shot -- and it was SO worth it.

So, so glad we went.


Mandy said...

What an awesome experience! I cant even imagine being there in person to experiene that.

Marie said...

Goosebumps! Lots of goosebumps!

Nilsa said...

I've loved reading everyone's updates on exactly how they CELEBRATED Obama's win. Awesome you got swept into the celebrations at Grant Park!

Andy said...

That sounds incredible...Were there any McCain supporters who snuck in there?
When Obama gave a speech in St. Louis next to my hotel last month, I could feel the energy from the crowd just from where I was standing. Amazing stuff.

Lynn said...

Ooh we didn't get in until much later than you guys did so we were all the way in back. But even from there it was amazing! We were on a hill so we had a good view of the spec that was Obama :) Yeah thank god for the jumbotron! My favorite part (other than the speech) was when CNN called the race and the crowd went crazy...from our view on the hill it was a sea of arms going up like a wave. Amazing!

Maris said...

These are seriously the best pictures yet I've seen of the rally (aside from being glued to CNN on Tuesday night).

I think Michelle Obama is great too. The whole family just seems so real and geniune.

surviving myself said...

Awesome - thanks for sharing the pics.

And please, explain what a "ginge" is to me.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

This is just SO awesome!
I was at the DNC in Denver when he accepted the nomination and it was such a glorious event!

I'm trying my hardest to get to the inauguration!

The BAMF said...

Elle! You said "America. Fuck yeah."

YOU are my hero. =)

chevelin said...

Can't wait to tell my grandkids about it - and it was made all the better with Big Bowl, beers, and friends.

elle michelle said...

Mandy: I wish I could describe it!

Marie: Ditto.

Nilsa: I know, it's so fun to read about everyone's celebrations. Different scenarios, same sentiments. :-)

Andy: I didn't see any McCain supporters. Probably too much of a clusterfuck to make it worth it for any of them to bother.

Lynn: Incredible!! Did you take a ton of pictures?

Maris: Thanks! I've seen some awesome pictures and since I tend to shake a lot with cameras (who knows why), I could point you to some better ones than these, for sure.

Surviving Myself: Let's discuss that on G-chat tomorrow.

Ringleader: Oh, you HAVE to take tons of pictures if you go.

BAMF: What's an election night post without a little Team America?

Chevelin: Absolutely! It definitely wouldn't have been the same without being with all you guys!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Just watching all that on TV was powerful enough, I can't even imagine how amazing it must have been there in real life.

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine what it was like for you to experience this amazing moment in American history first hand, because I was bawling my eyes out just from my spot on the couch.


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