Friday, November 28, 2008

Just call me Susan Smith

A family member of Dave's is having some marital troubles... married 10 years, 2 young kids, adults who have drifted so far apart.

It happens. HOW is happens is an interesting debate, one that Dave and his sister recently analyzed.

Sister: I really think that [husband] married [wife] because he saw what she would become.

Dave: Meaning?

Sister: He wasn't sure if he wanted to marry her, but he knew she's be a good mother. So he went through with it.

Dave: Ah. I did the opposite. I married the woman who will make me happy for the rest of my life, but she might, you know, drown the kids in a bathtub.

Love you too, dear.


Lovesfool said...

It's sad but oh so true

Rachel said...

That conversation hit a level of awesomeness that made me explode with laughter

Marie said...

Oh how sweet. You know, in almost "WTF?!" kind of way.

susan said...

Honesty is awesome.

elle michelle said...

Lovesfool: Ugh, you know me too well.

Rachel: The fact that you have a child and still find that hilarious means that there's hope I could be a fun (non-drowning) mom someday.

Marie: Totally!!

Susan: Agreed. He keeps me honest, too, what can I say.

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