Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesdays are half-priced wine night and I love it

This conversation happened a while ago, but lucky for you, I saved it. Dave was at work one weekend while I spent the entire day cleaning our messy apartment, unpacking more boxes, running errands and doing laundry. I was a domestic maniac and it was very weird.

Still, I was impressed with myself and felt that Dave should be impressed too.

Me: Your jaw is going to drop when you see how clean this place is.

Dave: Really?! I'm excited.

Me: Except for the storage stuff in the corner, it doesn't look like we just moved in anymore.

Dave: Awesome.

Me: It is.

Dave: My little housewife.
Dave: I hope there are cookies ready.
Dave: That's part of it too. You know that I hope.

Me: I forgot the cookies.

Dave: I mean, now that your name is almost officially changed, that's when it all changes.
Dave: That's when I get wasted with the guys on Wednesday, come home at midnight and expect hot food.

Me: You retard.

Dave: Wait.
Dave: That's what you do on Tuesdays.
Dave: Nevermind.

Me: Touche.


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

You guys are the best couple ever. For reals.

Marie said...

So was your hair perfectly coiffed and you were wearing an apron with a 1950s dress on while you did all the cleaning? I hope you also had a martini glass in your hand. Or wine.

Brick Cedar said...

How fucking amazing would it be though if you did come home Tuesday nights to baked cookies????

elle michelle said...

Overcoat: Hardly. How this man puts up with me, I'll never know. ;-)

Marie: Close! My hair was in a pony tail, I was in sweats and I hadn't showered. So, yeah, really attractive.

Brick Cedar: Um, I would LOVE to come home to baked cookies!!! Yell at Dave for me. Maybe he'd listen to a brother in bond. Even though I *technically* have bond over you. HA.

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